Strong Tassie Women


Strong Tassie Women is a free specialised employment support program for women impacted by family violence seeking employment. Strong Tassie Women also aims to promote community awareness of family violence and we will be working with local businesses and employment support services to be able to identify and address the unique issues women impacted by family violence face. In this way, we hope to promote gender equality and safety for women – both as employees and service users.


This program aims to increase women’s confidence and ability to live a life as free from abuse as possible.Participants will work with a mentor to identify career or educational goals and develop a career action plan to help achieve the identified goals. Participants will also participate in Shark Cage to increase their confidence in recognizing unhealthy and abusive behaviours and relationships in their personal lives and at work.Women participating in the program don’t need to attend appointments at a set location. Our mentors will work with participants to identify a location for appointments that is comfortable, accessible and safe for them.We can also provide person-centred advocacy support when engaging with mainstream services, such as support to engage with existing employment support services or Centrelink.Strong Tassie Women will also be engaging in community awareness campaigns, and we will soon be developing a comprehensive service directory that will be available on our website.


Identify as a woman, Live in North/North-West Tasmania, Not currently in a crisis Is currently or has previously been impacted by family violence, Is looking to obtain employment or education.


You can send an email to with information about yourself or the person you are referring to the program or you can give us a call on 0438 229 943.

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